Thank this guy for 'Ctrl-Alt-Del', and Bill Gates for making it famous

If you ever wondered how and why Ctrl-Alt-Del was invented, then hear it from the inventor himself in this video exclusive.

The best part of the video is at the end when David Bradley, the inventor says "I might have invented it, but Bill made it famous". The expression on Bill Gates face is priceless.

The Big List of Free Microsoft Software

What's the best place to get some real good free software? Microsoft, of course! Here are some real good 'gems' that we found at, all of which are  downloadable for free. We are sure you will definitely find a few on this list, you never knew Microsoft made.


ActiveSync keeps your Outlook, Videos, Music and Office documents in sync with Smartphones and Windows Pocket PC's. 

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a full fledged movie editing tool designed for easy use. Features compression, special effects and burning to a CD. Not as user-friendly as 'iMovie' for the Mac, but very powerful nevertheless.
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Funny Picture of the Day: Microsoft Windows Vista is backwards compatible with 'Blue Screen of Death'

Microsoft Windows Vista Blue Screen of Death Picture
Seems like Microsoft has made sure you will not miss the 'Blue Screen of Death' feature in Windows Vista :) Thanks Avik!

Voice recognition glitch in Microsoft demo... Oops

"Microsoft Corp. was hoping new voice-recognition software would impress an auditorium full of financial analysts, but a glitch turned the live demonstration into a bit of an embarrassment.
The trouble began when the presenter, a member of the team working on the new version of the company's Windows operating system, gave his first voice command. Instead of typing, "Dear mom," as Shanen Boettcher had instructed, the computer spurted out: "Dear aunt."
says the report from KGW.

Heh, remember the Windows 98 USB driver demo by Bill gates? Actually voice-recognition isn't easy to demo and it's quite a thing to demo it successfully in a room full of people, chuckling! But we love Microsoft, they love to make us laugh :)

PS: To Microsoft's credit other voice recognition s/w are equally flawed as well if not worse. We just hope this feature glitch doesn't delay Windows Vista further

Zune: The Microsoft iPod?

So,  Microsoft has finally confirmed that it will be making an iPod competitor currently code-named Zune and shipping them by the end of 2006. Though, the exact details are still unknown,  Microsoft had been rumored to be making an iPod competitor for quite some time now, this is the first time Microsoft has confirmed such a news,

Are we excited? Nope. Pretty much every single company has been there (read iPod killer),  Creative's Zen V and VPlus are quite worthy competitors already and the portable MP3 players are crowded with dozens of others including cheap chinese reproductions of the Apple iPod players. Now, unless the Zune dramatically changes or adds features, we don't see many geeks picking it up, especially after the fiasco of the UMPC. There is a big reason we think we love iPod's; because they are simple, have pretty much no hype and they work. What do you think? Let us know. - not owned by Microsoft?

Okay, this comes as a big surprise to us. While trying to locate the Superhero song from Microsoft, we typed in "" and reached a site with no connection to Microsoft what-so-ever; a company called eTechSupport. The domain Whois records point to:

Registrant Name:Piyush Somani
Registrant Street1:303, Rohan Heights, Model Colony
Registrant City:Nashik
Registrant State/Province:Maharashtra

Did Microsoft forget to renew this domain too, like Or is a victim of a hijacked/cybersquatted domain?

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