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The Upside Down Helicopter: A Remote Control Helicopter that you can fly upside down

We geeks love our remote control toys. But, here's a very unique one, which will blow the rotors of your colleagues because, this RC Helicopter can fly upside down; yeah, upside down! > Read more

Remote Control Moon: Full Moon Anytime


Girls love moon. Though, we don't know exactly what is it that they love about it, they do love to hold hands and romance in the full moon. But, we all know full moon's don't happen every day. So, if your girl friend is feeling romantic and wants to see the full moon on a "no moon" day what do you do?

That's where this Remote Control Moon comes handy.  Just press a button on the remote control to switch on your very own moon inside the room. Don't you love the geeks, who come with such ideas?
> Read more

Palm-Z: The Mini R/C Indoor Plane

Remote Control Planes are a lot of fun and we geeks out here love them a lot (just do a search for Remote Control Planes on Geek24). So, then when we heard about this mini RC indoor plane, we had to share it with you, because you can see it's so damn cool and small. > Read more

Ultra TV-B Gone Hack: Switch off TVs from 90ft away

TV B-Gone is a pretty smart device that can swtich off  virtually any television out there with a click of a button and it's great for parties and "pissing" off people when they are watching a game. But this hack to TV B-Gone gadget makes it more powerful.

The Ultra TV B-Gone uses a 9V battery and an array of 20 IR LEDs, which extends the range of the device to 90ft, which means you can switch off television's without even pointing to them any longer unlike the original. It's a smart hack, but you will need an original TV B-Gone  before you start hacking. Grab the instructions from here and if you don't own one, the original TV B-Gone from here

Remote Control Shark from Discovery Channel

remote control shark
This one goes with all the other interesting  Remote Control Toys we have featured earlier. This Radio Remote  controlled 2' long shark from Discovery channel swims like a real one and dives up to 9' deep with a propeller built into the shark's tail.

The remote control has  a range of 40'  and moves the shark left, right, up, foward, down or even reverse, and can be used underwater as well. The Remote Control Shark includes a battery and a battery charger. 

Pretty cool, but don't expect anyone to get scared. Available from here for US$ 79.95. 

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