Lost in Space Robot: Toy RC Version of the Robot from Lost in Space

Remember, the classic television series - Lost in Space and the B-9 Environmental Control Robot?  Nah? Haven't watched it? (Grab a copy of the DVD from here). Anyways, we  do and  so, it's exciting to  talk about a toy version of the same robot from lost in space that you can own; for real, as long as you can sell your car that is... :) > Read more

Tick Exterminator: The Tick Killing Robot

We talk about quite a number of strange robots sometimes here on Geek24 but here's one that actually does a good job of what it does - kill ticks.

"Spring is around the corner, which means kids will soon be out playing in the yard and parents will start worrying about ticks spreading Lyme disease. But never fear, a robot in a tick-snuffing denim skirt is here. A tick-exterminator designed by three engineering undergrads at the Virginia Military Institute scours yards for ticks and nabs them with its pesticide-laced denim skirt." says Wired.

The tick killing robot has a fairly good accuracy rate and in 8 hours it picked up 72 out of 75 ticks according to a student on the project team. Maybe next time they can make some robots that can kill mosquitoes and flies too; maybe small robots that fly with insectide tankers strapped on their backs spraying it directly at flies and mosquitoes with laser guided systems ;)

Cookie Jar Robot

cookie jar robot
Want a cookie? How about asking the Cookie Jar Robot? This retro looking 'robot' cookie jar says 'Take me to your stash of cookies' and will flash it's eyes every time you lift the lid in 'delight'. Made of handpainted earthenware, the Cookie Jar Robot is powered by 2 AA batteries and our tipster, Allen says it even moves it's arms. Nice. So, you want a cookie now or should we fire some phasers? Available for US $76.50 from here


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