Roomba's Christmas Deal: Buy 2 cleaning robots for the price for 1


If you have been wanting to buy or gift the iRobot Scooba or the Roomba this Christmas, here's a great deal our fellow geekers found. 

Buy the Scooba 5900 floor washing robot and get the Roomba 401 vacuuming robot absolutely Free! Yeah, we aren't kidding :) Plus iRobot is also offering free shipping if you click through here. Not bad, aye?

Haile - The Interactive Robot Drummer

Don't go by the alien looks of this robot, because Haile, as it's called is a robot that listens and drums along with a human drummer. We just wish it would have looked a little like Ever-1 .

Robotic Chair that Reassembles Itself

This is one chair we will not be afraid to break, because it reassembles itself. A part of a research project at Cornell University by D'Andrea Group. the chair could be a practical application to the self repairing and replicating robots technology.

Robo-roach: The Cockroach Traitor

"A matchbox-sized robot that can infiltrate a pack of cockroaches and influence their collective behaviour has been developed by European scientists.
The tiny robot smells and acts just like a roach, fooling the real insects into accepting it as one of their own. Through its behaviour, the robot can persuade a group of cockroaches to venture out into the light despite their normal preference for the dark, for example."

Great. Finally, we have someone who has made an  useful  robot to get back at those pesky pests.

Japanese Robot Suit


Voice Activated R2 D2 from Star Wars Movie: Now, you can buy one!

R2-D2 toy from star warsRemember R2 D2, the robot from Star Wars?  Here's your chance to own one of your own now. A motorized replica of the little droid, this R2 D2 is voice activated and can respond to over 40 voice commands, navigate rooms & hallways and even play a game of tag.

The R2 D2 has a built-in infrared sensor that can detect people in a room,  and it can follow you around (just like the real one!), work like a security guard or do something else when it detects motion.

A complete reproduction of the original  from the movie, the R2-D2 comes with swivelling dome top, R2 lights and  the blips and blop sound effects, including the famous happy and sad sounds.
The R2 can also replay sounds and dialogs from Star Wars movies, answer yes-or-no questions, and dance while playing the famed cantina music.  Yah, ain't that cool? The R2 is about 15-inches in height and is available for US$ 119.95 from here

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