Automatic CD/DVD Shredder

Calling it a shredder isn't right; because technically it doesn't shred the CD's  But that's what ThinkGeek calls it  and we agree on the name (only) from the usability point :-)

What it  really does is to scratch the CD's and DVD's that you feed into the shredder enough so that the data becomes un-recoverable. So, you don't get little pieces of 'CD confetti' like the paper shredders, but  CD's like they were scratched by a gazillion cats in a alley fight.
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More Windows Bugs

Have you updated your Microsoft Windows software for the major security issue yet? If you haven't, we suggest you do it immediately. A hacker has just published two new flaws that affect the  same flaw in the operating system. Even though patch for download does not solve these two new flaws, which are not as serious as the earlier, we suggest you patch your systems if you haven't yet.

We will keep you posted on the new patches for this series of  flaws as it is released.

Update - Alert: Major Security Flaw in Microsoft Windows

Update: The patch for this security issue is now available from Microsoft @  We suggest you immediately patch your system.


It's all over the net, and it's already infecting computer users worldwide exposing them to hackers. But, in case you have been caught napping it's the new "0-day Windows security flaw", which affects Windows XP, 2000 SP4,  2000 Server, Windows  ME and even Windows 98, via e-mail or even simply by browsing Websites.

Though, there is no official patch yet from Microsoft but for the interim disable the Windows Picture and Fax viewer by clicking the Start menu, choose Run, then enter regsvr32 -u %windir%\system32\shimgvw.dll and click OK. Also ditch Microsoft Internet Explorer and get on to Firefox or Opera to browse Web sites.


Though the above is not going to completely defend your PC till Microsoft releases an official patch, it's the least you should do. We will keep you posted. 

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