Vista Transformation Pack: Transform Windows XP & Windows 2000 to Windows Vista for Free

Vista Transformation Pack Screenshots
 Here's a smart and geeky way to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista, without upgrading or purchasing Windows Vista - for free!


Aptly called the "Vista Transformation Pack", this piece of software will instantly transform Windows XP or a Windows 2000 installation to look and feel just like Windows Vista complete with the "aero" buttons, desktop wallpaper, Vista Dock and Sidebar  with Microsoft Gadgets, Windows Vista Welcome screen, Sound Scheme, new  Vista icons, Theme and Media Player skins and even a new Windows Vista bootscreen, which replaces the "Starting Windows XP' screen with Vista logo and message. > Read more

Parallels Workstation Release Candidate 2.2: Run Vista & Mac OS X at the same time on an Intel Mac

Vista on Parallels
Parallels, the virtualization software that runs Windows or any other OS like Linux at the same time with Mac OS X is a pretty cool piece of software. But, it just got a lot cooler with the new Release candidate that can also run  Windows Vista simultaneously with  Mac OS X.


So, if you have an Intel based Mac and  want to give Vista a test run without risking your data  just get a copy of Parallels. See, this is why we love our Macs.

Transmit MP3 audio to an AM Radio using just your Computer Monitor

Here's one geeky piece of software that can fit into any Science Fiction movie but works today.

"Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor
to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer
generated music in your radio."

So, you can listen to music without a sound card or even a transmitter.  

Give it a try (needs Linux).  Details on how it works is here.

Top 10 Greatest Software Ever Written

"Most red-blooded technologists will offer a quick opinion on what's the greatest software ever, but when you take the time to evaluate what makes software truly brilliant, the choices aren't so obvious.". According to Information Week,  the top 10 greatest software ever written are:

12. The Morris worm
11. Google search rank
10. Apollo guidance system
9. Excel spreadsheet
8. Macintosh OS
7. Sabre system
6. Mosaic browser
5. Java language
4. IBM System 360 OS

3.  A gene sequencing software

2. IBM System R

and the number 1 - Unix.

Our favorite is the Mosaic browser. What's yours?


How to run Pandora Internet Radio in the Taskbar

We love the Pandora Internet Radio.  If you haven't heard of Pandora before  it's a "free" Internet radio station that plays music based on the kind of music you already like listening to, with a technology that matches music genes, sort of like DNA fingerprinting. In  all the while we have used Pandora it has kept us entertained well with music that we love listening to with just one small problem - the browser window that  remains on the desktop glaring at us.

But  finally we have found the answer to that problem as well -  an  interesting Task tray application hack for Pandora by Daniel Mackey that keeps Pandora running as a taskbar icon instead of a browser window. Highly recommended if you use or plan to listen to Pandora. It can be downloaded from here

The Big List of Free Microsoft Software

What's the best place to get some real good free software? Microsoft, of course! Here are some real good 'gems' that we found at, all of which are  downloadable for free. We are sure you will definitely find a few on this list, you never knew Microsoft made.


ActiveSync keeps your Outlook, Videos, Music and Office documents in sync with Smartphones and Windows Pocket PC's. 

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a full fledged movie editing tool designed for easy use. Features compression, special effects and burning to a CD. Not as user-friendly as 'iMovie' for the Mac, but very powerful nevertheless.
> Read more

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