Bricksmith: Make virtual Lego models on your Mac

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Running out of parts for your Lego models? With Bricksmith you can create virtual LEGO creations and models on your Mac with a comprehensive part browser that provides access to thousands of virtual parts, which ensures you will never run out of parts - ever. Bricksmith also features a full Lego color palette, support for steps and submodels and multiple viewports. It's freely available from here.

Mobilecast: Podcast converter for Mobile phones

Mobilecast  program by Tea Vui Huang - the genius behind the iTunes synchronization tool for mobile phones, mobile tsunami detector and   putting Aibo on the cellphone, converts Podcasts into AMR files, splitting it into small 10 minute chunks automatically as Podcasts are downloaded by iPodder.

AMR files unlike MP3 files are much smaller (3-6 times) in size for the same playback time and the automatic 10 minute splits make it convenient to listen to the podcasts in parts. It's a free download from here. Also check out the TVH graphic calculator for mobile phones while you are there.

iSpazz: MacBook Pro/PowerBook Keyboard Disco Light Plugin for iTunes

iSpazz is a iTunes plugin for OS X, which makes your MacBook Pro/PowerBook backlight keyboard into disco light array; flickering and blinking with the music.

Using it is simple, just download the plugin, uncompress and copy it into the iTunes Plug-ins folder. We aren't sure if using this software for prolonged periods can kill your backlight forever, so use at your own discretion and risk. But it could be good fun to show this off on your MacBook Pro/PowerBook once in a while. Grab it from here.

Falcon: McAfee's next generation anti-virus software

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 McAfee has released the beta version of it's new antivirus software, code named "Falcon". McAfee is introducing two new features with the edition of it's anti-virus software called PC Protection Plus and Total protection, which make it a complete tool kit for protection from viruses, spywares, root-kits, trojans and internet worms.


A new feature SystemGuard will pro-actively watch the sytem for behaviours, which could be a result of a virus, spyware or a hacker and alert the user before any major damage could be caused whereas McAfee Total Protection provides PC tuning, backup and restore in case of a damage.  The products are expected to be priced around US$39.99 for the entry-level product.


MacSaber: Turn your Mac into a Jedi Weapon

MacSaber is a totally hilarious and geeky software for your new acquired MacBook/Pro. Using the Mac's sudden motion sensor, this software turns the Mac into a Jedi weapon with authentic lightsaber sound effects.
Here's a video of two Jedi's fighting with their MacSaber's:

Highly recommended. Just be careful not to drop your MacBook and may the 'force be with you' :)

Download MacSaber v1.0

How To: Download Music from the iPod

Getting music off from an iPod is not a thing most of us worry about until the inevitable happens - a desktop PC crash. Imagine  over 25 GB of music stuck in your iPod and a empty playlist in the PC. If you haven't yet experienced it, you cannot Sync iTunes and get all music back; iTunes will not sync back the music from the iPod to a crashed PC. Thankfully, there is hope - in two versions; iLinkPod for the Mac and EphPod for Windows.

 From the iLinkPod site:

"iLinkPod is first of all a unique tool that creates a permanent and direct access from your Desktop  (and your iPod or wherever you want) to the hidden folders in which iPod stores your audio files.  All this in the safest way, without modifying any file/folder or configuration file of the iPod!  Direct access means that you'll access your previously hidden audio files directly fromthe Finder, while they remain hidden! (remember: iLinkPod will not modify any properties of files on your iPod!). So you don't need iLinkPod or any other utility to access your hidden audio files on the iPod, you'll have access to them through a common folder on your Desktop (and iPod too). You don't need do execute iLinkPod again if you add or delete/modify songs on your iPod, you'll have access to your iPod as it is in that moment!" > Read more

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