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K610im - Sony Ericsson's first 3G phone with i-mode

K610im - Sony Ericsson Phone
Are we the only ones who think Sony Ericsson is on an innovation spree - launching a few new phones every week? The new K610im, which follows the W850i, W700i, K800 & K790 brings 3G and i-mode, a very popular operator service prevalently used in China and Japan into one slim candy bar look.


The "i-mode" service delivers a richer and interactive Internet, SMS and mail experience  with features like the iMMS and iMail. The K610im's biggest USP is that integrates this service with the GSM/UMTS 3G service and still provides all the other features we have so got used to seeing in Sony Ericsson phones. > Read more

W850i Walkman Phone Sony Ericsson Phone

W850i Sony Walkman
The W850i  is yet another new latest music playing cellphone from from Sony Ericsson; that's right - yet another one in the Walkman series after the W700i and W810i.

The W850i is a 3G slider design phone that features 1GB of storage (expandable to 4GB), 2 megapixel camera, tri-band, GPRS & UMTS 2100, FM Radio, Bluetooth, QVGA 260K TFT display and video calling apart from the regular set of features including 4x Digital Zoom, Infrared, USB,  Memory Stick Duo/Pro slots, Speakerphone, Flight mode, Melody composer, Web browser, RSS feed reader and Music DJ to mention a few.


What perhaps makes it different from the rest of series apart from the slider design is the new 'TrackID' feature that allows you to buy and download music directly onto the phone. TrackID uses a special music recognizing technology so you can record a snippet of the song via the microphone on the W850, which is instantly checked with a database, recognized and made available for download. > Read more

W700i Walkman Phone from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson W700i
The W700i from Sony Ericsson is a tri-band GSM Walkman phone, with all the cool Sony Ericsson features we have got so used to in the Walkman phones including flight mode (keeps the phone switched off in a flight, but you can still use the MP3 player) has been announced today by Sony Ericsson, with a special feature - Titanium Gold color.


So what's the big 'new' and 'missing' things? Well, there's the gold color, of course :) Seriously, the gold is far better or suttle than the bright orange in the W800 and we like this better. But,  if you prefer W700 will also be available in white. > Read more

Sony Ericsson K800 & K790: 3.2 Megapixels of phone

Sony Ericsson K800
To be available in second quarter of this year (2006), the K800 and K790 phones from Sony Ericsson would be first ones to have 3.2 Megapixel digital camera with autofocus, xenon flash and carry the Cyber-shot brand and it's simple camera interface, with a new BestPic feature. Once you press the shutter button, you get 9 full quality 3.2 megapixel pictures to choose from in a time sequence, 4 pictures before and 4 pictures after the actual image you captured; simply scroll back or forward to select and save the best picture you like.

  > Read more

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