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Digg Mobbed by Geeks (Hex Rules!)

If you are a geek you should be reading Digg! But,  if you are on Digg today or maybe even tomorrow you cannot miss not knowing how to crack HD DVD movie encryption, because pretty much every story, comment and story title has the hex code buried in it, to the point that you might even think Digg was hacked with some random hex code.

Digg creator Kevin explains the phenomenon and although Digg has been notified of Intellectual property violations, Digg is letting all these stories get submitted, as he says "If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying." But, we think the real reason is  Digg just got mobbed - by the geeks with a small hex codes! ;)

Logitech MX Revolution Cordless 'Super' Laser Mouse with Hyper Scroll Wheel and few other tricks

We have to tom-tom this tiny little gadget. Aptly called the Revolution, the Logitech's MX  Revolution  is a 'super' mouse with a hyper scroll wheel and a few other tricks, which can give other regular pointing devices a complex.

To start with a motorized scroll wheel with a free spin mode spins for up to 7 seconds with one flick, which makes it easy to scroll long documents, spreadsheets and PDF files. The scroll wheel is also intelligent so depending on the application, the speed is automatically adjusted.  There is a quick flip thumb wheel, which makes it easy to switch between open documents, cut and paste and even check mails.

A search button makes it easy to highlight a word and  display results from a search engine instantly and to top it all the mouse uses a rechargable Li-ion battery with a battery meter, just like the ones  in MacBook's and PowerBook's. > Read more

Pedal Powered Television

This is an awesome electronic project. Built on a home made electronic project called the "Pedal Generator", the Pedal Powered Television is a great way to generate electricity, burn some fat and watch TV all at the same time.


The Pedal Generator can power 12V DC appliances and gadgets directly and in case of things televisions, you can connect them via a power inverter. If you are upto it you can also make one for yourself with the plans available from here. Very cool.

Don't want trojans and viruses? Switch to a Mac

We are not campaigning for Mac's, but according to this report from anti-virus company Sophos"Malware statistics suggest it is time for home users to switch to Macs", and they go on to say "the continued dominance of Windows-based threats has prompted Sophos to suggest that many home users should consider switching to Apple Macs, to shield themselves from the malware onslaught."

But, then if you have been using a Mac, you already knew that didn't you? :) 

Chicken Electronics: Circuit boards made of Chicken feathers

Okay, this is one of these really strange stories. According to EHP, an environmental publication, chicken features could now be used to make circuit boards.

"Feathers are made of the protein keratin, which in fiber form is both light and tough enough to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. The hollow fiber is of very low density, providing strength without sacrificing weight.  The dielectric constant of air is 1.0 and that of silicon dioxide is 3.8–4.2, keratin fibers have a dielectric constant of 1.6. That means electrons can move on the feather-based printed circuit boards at twice the speed as traditional circuit boards."

Amazing.  If it does work, you can put all the waste  feathers (about 3 billion pounds of it) to some good use. And of course, make better circuit boards.

Leopard on the prowl: Mac OS X 10.5 previewed

So, Apple finally previewed Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at WWDC 2006, amidst all the excited Apple fanatics. Mac OS X 10.5 has been in development for quite some time and was even being talked about at the launch of Tiger Mac OS X 10.4. So with out much adieu we will let you on what to expect in Leopard. Warning: Don't read if you want to stick with Windows :) 

Leopard has a significant number of improvements and new features and we are sure we haven't seen all of it yet, but here's some of the cooler ones.

The first and the foremost feature is the full 64-bit application support, even for applications that use graphical interfaces like Cocoa. This makes it ideal for new Mac Pros and Xserves based on Intel Xeon processors.

The next feature is called the Time Machine, a system that automatically makes incremental backups of the entire file system or  any of the changed files. If it does work the way it's supposed to you can restore an entire machine, system and all. The Time machine also interfaces with most programs  iPhoto and Address Book directly to restore data instantly. > Read more

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