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The Free Google Web Proxy

This trick is slightly old but pretty cool nevertheless. If you are stuck with an access-control system, which forbids a certain site from being accessed then you can use the Google's translation service like a Web proxy to get to the the site.  Just use the following syntax:|en&

Replace the with the site that you are trying to access.  In this case, Google will access the pages like a web proxy and translate it back to the same language (english to english here). If you are accessing a site in a different language change the langpair to the appropriate tags. 

Do remember that this technique is not guaranteed to  work everywhere or with every kind of firewall or access-control system out there, nor will it hide your IP address. But do let us know how the Google proxy idea worked for you.  > Read more

Don't keep the laptop on your lap: Here's one more reason why

We are sure you would have heard of a notebook exploding by now. Here's a a video sent to us by a fellow geek, which shows how a hot a Toshiba laptop got after running for a few hours. The laptop goes hot as 102-degrees!!!!

The message is loud and clear. Don't keep your 'laptop' on the laptop; and if you must use a cooling pad or maybe a heavy jeans and enough padding at the right places;)  

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