The Pocket Sized 4 Port Micro USB Hub

tiny usb hub - micro usb hub with 4 ports 

Measuring just 1.5x0.5x1.0 inches and weighing a mere 13.6 ounces the 4 Port Micro USB hub from Ziotek is one really small tiny hub, which you can carry anywhere in your pocket.  The USB hub supports Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP & Mac OS X and is available from here for US $9.95.

FlexUSB: The Bending & Rotating USB Adapter

flex usb adapterThe FlexUSB Adapter is a flexible USB adapter that can bend or rotate, which  allows USB devices to plug into an open USB port from any angle. Featuring +/-90 degree horizontal and vertical hinges the FlexUSB adapter can connect the USB devices in pretty much any position, especially in places where there is limited space like airline tray tables or coffee shop tables.

Definitely a must have accessory. Available for US$ 7.99 from here

Plush Soft-toy Mouse Flash Drive

plush flash mouse 128 mb drive

Though it looks like a soft-toy, this mouse actually a Plug 'n' Play USB flash drive  with 128 MB of storage. The mouse can be tethered to a backpack or a key ring.

Cute with functional, we like that. Available from Amazon for US$ 26.97.

USB Piezo-Ionizer: World's smallest and ultra-portable air purifier

USB air purifier
This does seem to be the world's smallest, lightest and ultra-portable air-purifiers you can get today. The portable USB Piezo-Ionizer plugs into your computer/notebook USB port and purifies air by emiting negatively charged ions, which destroy harmful bacteria and viruses. The USB pionizer claims to work for upto 10-15 square meters of room sizes and includes a 54" USB cable and a car adapter kit for using in a car.


We aren't sure how much effect this tiny USB ionizer can produce but it's worth a shot. Do tell us if it works for you.

Buying Information:
Available from Amazon for US $14.95.
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Optical Mouse with a Keypad

optical mouse with keypad
The optical mouse keypad from Genovation works as an optical mouse and a keypad.  The mouse features 3 buttons, a scroll wheel and Num lock, Backspace, Arrow keys and numbers on the keypad.

Might be a good idea if you work a lot with spreadsheets and numbers. Available for US $53.99. Buying Information

USB Hot Cup Warmer

    USB cup warmer

Unlike the other beverage warmers where you need to dock the cups, this one wraps around the cup. Available for US $4.99.  

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