Green LED Dot Matrix Watch

Remember the good old days of green CRT displays?

The green LED dot matrix display watch from Ximax will remind of you just that.

The LED dot matrix watch displays both, time and date in animated fashion.

Grab it from US$ 39.99 from

All in one Atomic Time Watch: Accurate Time Everywhere

atomic time with a watch that keeps perfect time in any part of the worldDo you travel around the world and want a watch that keeps accurate time everywhere? Then this atomic watch might be just what you need to wear.

Using NIST signals originating from Fort Collin in  US, JJY time signal in Japan, the MSF time signal in England and DCF77 time signal in Germany this all-in-one atomic watch can keep perfect time while you roam in US, Europe and Asia, without killing your style. 

In addition to the standard time keeping functions, the watch has a push button backlight display,  calendar, alarm and countdown timer functions and retails for US$39.99 from here . For an atomic clock we think it does look sexy, but if you are geek you might still choose the LED binary watch over this or maybe the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch over this we think.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch MBW-100 by Fossil

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch by Fossil
Sony Ericsson makes beautiful and functional cellphones, like the K800i. Fossil on the other hand makes some of the coolest watches in the town. So, what do you get when you cross two of them together?  - a Sony Ericsson bluetooth watch made by Fossil, of course.


So, what's so special about this watch? Lots. To start with the wristwatch works like an extension of the cellphone and displays Caller ID, out of range warnings and will even allow you to control the mobile phone music player functions like play, pause etc with buttons on the watch via Bluetooth. Don't want to an incoming call, just press a button on the watch to reject the caller or press another to mute the ring. Want to know if you received an SMS? Just look at your watch.
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Fossil Animated Circuitboard Watch

Fossil - Watches - Johnny 6 - Mens Animated Metal Watch
If having a circuitboard on your watch doesn't tell everyone you are a geek then nothing else will. The Fossil's Johnny 6 is a funky watch with an animated circuit board and scrolling second display featured in a stainless steel case and bracelet. The watch screams 'geek' and is available  for USD 60.75 from here

LED Binary Watch

binary led watch from think geek. awesome geek watch for geeks. displays time only in binaryThe Binary LED watch from Think Geek is a special watch, which only geeks would want to wear. And there's a big reason why. You see, the watch  doesn't have any minute or hour hands, instead the face contains 10 LEDs, which are used to indicate the time in binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) depending on how many LEDs are glowing; the top row for hours and the bottom row for the minutes.

If that's not enough to say you are a 'geek', the LEDs are also embedded in a circuit board face. What do we say? This is a 'geek' watch. Be prepared for some reactions like "What's that?" and "How did you do that?" when people ask you for the time.  We love it. Get it for US $69.99 from here > Read more

Limited Edition 'Pirates of Caribbean' Movie Collectible Watch from Fossil

pirates of caribean watch from the movie - made by fossilOkay, the watch doesn't  have a holographic display of  skull (wouldn't that be cool?) or something else equally 'tech',  but this limited edition 'Pirates of Caribbean' style watch from Fossil looks pretty 'rustic' nevertheless in an original styling with a genuine leather strap and a  dial featuring a skull  in black and red.

Like all other other Fossil collectible watches, there will be only a limited number of  Pirates of Caribbean watches that will be made - about 2000 in this case. The watch comes wtih a genuine leather pirate's coin bag, where you can keep all the coins you plunder! :) Available for US$ 115 from Fossil. > Read more

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