SketchUp: FREE 3D modeling & sketching software from Google

SketchUp is a freely downloadable 3D modeling and sketching software by Google (Yah, you heard that right Google!). With SketchUp uou can draw 3D models of houses, decks, space ships or whatever you fancy, color them or use textures and place them in a light source like the Sun and create real-time shadows, without much effort. Once your model is ready it can be placed in Google Earth or printed  out.

The free version works with Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 and requires atleast 128 MB of RAM. A Macintosh version is also in the pipeline.

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Parallels: Run Windows XP, Linux & any other OS simultaneously with Mac OS X

Parallels Workstation  is the first virtualization software designed to work with Intel-based Apple computers including the MacBook Pro, which allows the you to simultaneously use Windows, Linux and any other operating system  at the same time as Mac OS X. 

Unlike the Boot Camp from Apple, Parallels let's you work with all these operating systems without a dual boot; sort of like Microsoft Virtual PC and other virtual PC emulation software, but due to native virtualization it's claimed to offer pretty much the same speed as running it natively. > Read more

Windows crashes MacBook Pro

Windows crashes on the MacBook Pro

So, Windows crashes the Mac as well, ah!  Aaron whose MacBook is in the picture, says you can do it yourself too. "Install it yourself, and try to use the USB cam (open My computer, 2x click on the auto-detected USB cam). You'll see it in 3-D. :)", that's what he says.  Aaron, dude you really need to find something else to do besides finding new ways of crashing Windows :) But we must say, the Blue screen looks really nice on a MacBook Pro! > Read more

Windows Vista: Only in 2007

Windows Vista Logo
So, Windows Vista is getting late... yet again. According to news sources, Windows Vista is only going to be available by January 2007, though some vendors might get it in by November 2006.


The news doesn't seem all that good.. especially with Apple shifting to Intel platform and becoming  a serious threat to Microsoft with Mac OS X.  

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